Michigan Basin Geological Society Geology - E.Z. Manos Memorial Student Scholarships

MBGS gives scholarships to Geology students conducting graduate and undergraduate geological research related to Michigan geology. Application are due by October 16, 2020

The entire US has been impacted this year and we regret any inconvenience, but scholarship funding for students is important to MBGS.  Therefore, MBGS will award two $500 scholarship awards for 2020. 

Candidates should complete the attached scholarship application form (either by hand or entered into the Word document), print and sign and then submit via email to: john.a.yellich@wmich.edu with subject line: MBGS Scholarship 2020.  Applications will be accepted no later than October 16, 2020.  If you or your students have any questions email: john.a.yellich@wmich.edu 

.."thanks for the MBGS $500 scholarship, this allowed me to collect and analyze  4 more samples which were critical to my thesis work..." past scholarship recipient

Past Scholarship Award Recipients
2019-05-25 11.34.42.jpg

 MBGS President – Jennifer Trout,
MBGS Scholarship Recipient –

2019 - Ayu Nurhidayati, Dr. Peter Voice

 2014 MBGS Vice President – Luke Dewig,
MBGS Scholarship Recipient – Kyle J. Cox, MBGS
Treasurer – Thomas Hoane


2019 - Ayu Nurhidayati - Detailed hand and thin section assessment to establish a depositional model for the Amherstberg and Richfield Members of the Lucas formation in Southeast Michigan.


2018 -  Hossein Sahour - Downscaling and prediction of GRACE satellite data to monitor changes in groundwater and surface water in the lower peninsula of Michigan.


2017 - Mohammed Al-Musawi -Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies Model of the Burnt Bluff Group, Michigan Basin, USA


$500 to Matthew Rine of Western Michigan University for his research regarding chronostratigraphic relationships of Niagaran and Lower Salina units.  


$500 to Cassandra Javor of Michigan Technological University for her research regarding the study of the preservation of Arch Rock on Mackinac Island.  


$1000 to Kyle J. Cox of Western Michigan University for his research regarding Anomalous Thermal Indicators from Authigenic Minerals in Upper Paleozoic Strata of the Michigan Basin


$1000 to Kirk A Wagenvelt of Western Michigan University for his research regarding Geologic Controls on Forced Thermal Maturation in the Paleozoic, Michigan Basin, USA

$500 to Matthew J. Rine of Western Michigan University for his research regarding Evaluating the Sequence Stratigraphic Relationships, Lithofacies and Petrophysical Properties of the Silurian (Niagaran) Reefs for the Purpose of Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Michigan Basin

$500 to Frank R. Sattler of Western Michigan University for his research regarding Lithologic Properties of the Upper Ordovician Utica Shale, Michigan Basin, USA: A Geological
Characterization and Resource assessment