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Michigan Basin Geological Society Historical Publications Disk 4

Reissue on CD-ROM of six out-of-print Field Guidebooks, $15

Note: This CD is for sale. If you are interested in one of them please contact Publication Sales.

Prices include postage, handling and any applicable sales tax.
Orders for publications should be prepaid in U.S. Funds and addressed to:
MBGS — Publications
P.O. Box 14044
Lansing, MI 48901


Silurian Rocks of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan 1957

• Introduction, Geologic Structure and Stratigraphy by G. M. Ehlers and R. V. Kesling

Cambrian Geology of Parts of Dickinson and Iron Counties, Michigan June 1958

• Compiled by Carl E. Dutton

Geologic Features of Parts of Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga and Ontonagon Counties, Michigan May 19-21, 1961

• Road Log
• The White Pine Copper Deposit, Ontonagon County, Michigan by Walter S. White and 
• James C. Wright
• Regional Structural Setting of the Michigan Native Copper District by Walter S. White

Correlation Problems of the Cambrian and Ordovician Outcrops Areas, Northern Peninsula of Michigan 1967

• Correlation Problems of the Cambrian and Ordovician Outcrops Areas, Northern Peninsula of 
• Michigan by Meredith E. Ostrom and Arthur E. Slaughter
• Geologic Cross Section, Alger County, Michigan – Walworth County, Wisconsin by Meredith E. Ostrom
• Correlation of Cambro-Ordivican Rocks in Michigan by Garland D. Ells
• Conodonts from the Prairie du Chien of Northern Michigan – Preliminary Report by E. Charles
• Guldenzopf
• Pleistocene Geology of the Munising Area by F. Wells Terwilliger
• Cambro-Ordivician Exposures in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan by John J. Kowalski
• Re-examination of the Jacobsville by David M. Hite

The Geology of Manitoulin Island June 1968

• Itinerary by Samuel L. Alguire
• Precambrian Geology of the Region North of Manitoulin Island, Ontario by Grant M. Young
• Ordovician and Silurian Stratigraphy of Manitoulin, Ontario by Bruce A. Liberty
• Silurian Faunal Assembleges, Manitoulin Island, Ontario by Thomas E. Bolton
• Transgressive Facies Interpretation of the Niagaran by Frank D. Sheldon
• Late Quaternary Events on Manitoulin Island by C. F. M. Lewis
• The Ancestral Lake Nipissing Strandline on Manitoulin Island by J. Edward Smith
• The Entrance to Georgian Bay by Walter M. Towell
• Aeromagnetic Map – Manitoulin Island by A. S. MacLaren and B. W. Charbonneau
• Soil Development and Land Use on Manitoulin Island by Douglas W. Hoffman
• Existent and Potential Agriculture on Manitoulin Island by E. M. Watkin and J. E. Winch
• Sheguiandah in Retrospect by Thomas E. Lee

Devonian Strata of Alpena and Presque Isle Counties, Michigan 1970

• Devonian Strata of Alpena and Presque Isle Counties, Michigan by G. M. Ehlers and R. V. Kesling
• Glacial History of the Glacial Grand Valley by D. F. Eschman and W. N. Farrand
• Precambrian of the Marquette Area, Michigan by H. B. Stonehouse

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