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Michigan Basin Geological Society Historical Publications Disk 1

Reissue on CD-ROM of nine out-of-print Field Guidebooks, $15

Note: This CD is for sale. If you are interested in one of them please contact Publication Sales.

Prices include postage, handling and any applicable sales tax.
Orders for publications should be prepaid in U.S. Funds and addressed to:
MBGS — Publications
P.O. Box 14044
Lansing, MI 48901

The Stratigraphy of Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada June 19-20, 1954

• Introduction by J. T. Sanford and J. R. Moseley
• The North Shore of Lake Huron by G. E. Suffel
• Ordovician of Manitoulin Island by Bruce A. Liberty
• Silurian of Manitoulin Island by Thomas E. Bolton
• Notes on the Correlation of the Silurian of Manitoulin with the Silurian of Michigan, by W. A. Kelley
• Stratigraphic Notes by J. T. Sanford and J. E. Moseley
• Stop Descriptions

The Devonian and Silurian Rocks of Parts of Ontario, Canada and Western New York, June 22-23, 1951

• Stop and fossil descriptions

The Traverse Group of the Northern Part of the Southern Peninsula of Michigan June 16-17, 1949

• Stop descriptions and well logs

Geology of Central Ontario, Canada 1965

• Chairman’s Remarks by B. A. Liberty
• The Clare River (Precambrian) Syncline by P. A. Peach
• Precambrian-Paleozoic Contact Relationships in Eastern Ontario by D. F. Hewitt
• Middle Ordovician Stratigraphy of the Lake Simcoe Area, Ontario, by B. A. Liberty
• Some Middle Ordovician Fossils From Central Ontario, G. Winston Sinclair
• Upper Ordovician Stratigraphy of the Toronto Area by B. A. Liberty
• Pre-Guelph, Silurian Formations of the Niagaran Peninsula, Ontario by Thomas E. Bolton
• Pleistocene Geology, Toronto-Scarborough Area by P. F. Karrow
• Pleistocene Features of South-Central Ontario, Lake Simcoe to Moira River by E. Mirynech
• Itinerary and stop descriptions

The Devonian Strata of the London-Sarnia Area, Southwestern Ontario Compiled by Erwin C. Stumm, Lewis B. Kellum and Jean Davies Wright June 9-10, 1956

• Introduction by F. W. Terwilliger
• Itinerary and stop descriptions

The Ordovician Rocks of the Escanaba-Stonington Area Led by R. C. Hussey June 2-3, 1950

•Stop and fossil descriptions

The Niagara Escarpment of Peninsular Ontario, Canada June 18-19, 1955

• Introduction by Andrew J. Mozola
• Silurian Stratigraphy of the Niagaran Escarpment, Ontario, Thomas E. Bolton and Bruce A. Liberty
• Detailed Description of Stops by Thomas E. Bolton and Bruce A. Liberty
• The Surface Features of Peninsular Ontario by Donald F. Putnam
• Stop descriptions

Lower Paleozoic and Pleistocene Stratigraphy Across Central Wisconsin Compiled by C. E. Prouty, Led by L. M. Cline, J. L. Hough and R. F. Black 1960

• Itinerary and stop descriptions

Classic Silurian Reefs of the Chicago Area by Donald G. Mikulic and Joanne Kluessendorf June 27, 1998

•Detailed stop descriptions

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