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Michigan Basin Geological Society Historical Publications Disk 5

Reissue on CD-ROM of five out-of-print Field Guidebooks, $50

Note: This CD is for sale. If you are interested in one of them please contact Publication Sales.

Prices include postage, handling and any applicable sales tax.
Orders for publications should be prepaid in U.S. Funds and addressed to:
MBGS — Publications
P.O. Box 14044
Lansing, MI 48901


Oil & Gas Fields Symposium, Volume 1 April 1969 200 pp., maps, illus., second printing with updates

Includes field descriptions from 18 fields in Michigan. Each Field listed below includes: written 
description of field history and reservoir geology, tabled general field data and reservoir details
(updated to 1991 figures). Each field may contain one or more of the following: structural maps,
logs, stratigraphic sections and cross-sections.

• Index Map – Oil & Gas Fields of Michigan (updated in 1991): Mississippian and younger, Devonian, 
• Silurian, Ordovician and older.
• Proration of Michigan Gas Production (updated in 1991), Oil and Gas Producing Zones in Michigan Field Descriptions (alphabetical – all with 1991 updates):
• Albion-Scipio Trend
• Belle River Mills
• Columbus
• Deep River
• East Norwich
• Enterprise
• Headquarters
• Northville
• Overisel
• Porter
• Ray
• Reed City
• Salem
• Six Lakes
• Stony Lake
• Wayland
• Winterfield

Oil & Gas Fields Manual of the Michigan Basin, Volume 2 1992 520 pp., maps, illus.

Includes field descriptions from 51 fields in Michigan and Ontario. Each Field listed below
includes: written description of field history and reservoir geology, tabled general field data 
and reservoir details. Each field may contain one or more of the following: structural maps, 
logs, cross-sections, seismic sections, color plates, and photographs. Each chapter (geologic 
period) includes an introduction.

• Mississippian: Berea: New Lothrup, Williams
• Devonian: Antrim: Charlton 19 Project; Traverse: Chesaning 20, Peacock, Sauble; Dundee: 
• Oil Springs, South Buckeye Richfield: Winterfield
• Silurian: Northern and Western Niagaran: Bear Lake 22, Blue Lake 18, South Chester 21, 
• Claybanks 2, Manistee 24, South Vienna 30, North Chester 18 Southwestern, Central 
• and Southeastern Niagaran: Capac, Chatham A, Eaton Rapids 7, Fowlerville, Handy 27, 
• Iosco 20, Iosco 24, Kimball-Collinville, Lyon 34, Onondaga 21A, Pennfield 35, Petrolia East, 
• Unadilla 2, White Oak 15
• Ordovician: Trenton/Black River: Deerfield, Hillman, Stony Point Glenwood and Pre-Glenwood: 
• Akron, Burdell, Ensley, Falmouth, Fletcher Pond, Goodwell, Hardwood Point, Leroy, Reed City, 
• South Buckeye, West Branch, Woodville, Clayton, Kawkawlin, Rose City
• Small-but-Significant Production: Sylvania, Marshall-Michigan, Mt. Simon-Trempeauleau, Prairie
• du Chien (Hillsdale & Jackson): Calvin 28, Lime Lake, Shaver.

Glacial Geology of Southwestern Michigan 1989

53 pp. by A. Kehew, L. J. Schmaltz, and W. T. Straw

• Late Wisconsinian drift stratigraphy of the Lake Michigan Lobe in southwestern Michigan by 
• G. W. Monaghan, G. J. Larson, G. D. Gephart
• Late Wisconsinian and Holocene History of the Lake Michigan Basin by A. K. Hansel, D. M. 
• Mickelson, A. F. Schneider and C. E. Larsen
• Geophysical Properties of Pleistocene Overburden in the Michigan Basin by K. R. Johnson

Geology of the Lake Erie Islands and Adjacent Shores 1971 65pp., maps, illus. by Jane L. Forsyth

• Stratigraphic Section in the Lake Erie Islands by Jane Forsyth
• Geology of the Lake Erie Islands and Adjacent Shores by Jane Forsyth
• Road Log, by Jane Forsyth Bedrock Geology of Ottawa County, Ohio by Dale R. Sparling
• Preliminary Report on the Stratigraphy of Upper Silurian Rocks of Western Ohio by A. Janssens
• Silurian and Middle Devonian Stratrigraphy of the Michigan Basin: A View from the Southwest 
• Flank by R. H. Shaver, E. J. Doheny, J. B. Droste, J. D. Lazor, R. W. Orr, C. A. Pollock and 
• C. B. Rexford

Glacial Geology of Southwestern Michigan, Landforms of the Lake Michigan Lobe, Southwestern Michigan 2001
AAPG Eastern Section Meeting Field Trip
32 pp., maps, illus. by A. Kehew and A. Kozlowski

• Landforms and Sediments of the Lake Michigan Lobe, Southwestern Michigan by A. Kehew, 
• and A. Kozlowski
• Road Log by A. Kehew, and A. Kozlowski

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