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MBGS Field Trips

MBGS typically  runs 1-3 fields trips per year. These are often the highlight of the year. These Field Trips run the gambit as wide as the field of geology is from Precambrian hard rock and mining to Paleozoic sedimentary stratigraphy to Pleistocene glacial geology, to karst and caving to fossil and mineral collecting field trips.

MBGS is seeking input from members for up and coming field trips Stay tuned for dates of new 2020/2021 events

Check Back Often for Updates

Upcoming Field Trips


Our field trip directors are busy working on numerous field trips for the up coming year.​

  • NE LP Glacial Trip -Spring 2023

  • Mars 2030

Sand and Sandstone Revisited: Lithostratigraphy of Carboniferous Sandstones
in the Jackson Coal Province, Central Jackson County, Michigan, USA

FEE: $50 for all MBGS Members (with paid up dues); $85 adult/professional non-MBGS members; $15 for               students.
LOCATION: Jackson Michigan area
LEADERS: D.B. Westjohn, Consulting Geologist, Mason, Michigan, and Bennie E. See, Consulting Geologist,
                   Jackson, Michigan
REGISTRATION: Please email Chris Christensen at to get your name on the attendees list. Please complete and submit the registration form below and submit fee to finalize your reservation by November 1st. A limit of 25 can participate in the field trip.

General outline of this field trip:
The field trip will relate the distribution of coal in the Jackson Coal Province (JCP new term) to a profound unconformity: The Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Hiatus. This unconformity marks the emergence of terrestrial vegetation, erosion, and deposition of vast quantities of organic detritus that was entombed and survived to form coal. We will explore Michigan’s Carboniferous section in Jackson County, the birthplace of the coal mining industry in the State. Despite a storied history of the JCP (History of Jackson County, 1881) and the large number of mines reported in MGS reports, locations of most mines are not known with any degree of certainty. Unfortunately, it took structural damage of freeway components (bridges, overpasses, etc.) and subsidence into coal-mine voids to renew interest in the bedrock geology of the area.

9:30am                  -Meet in downtown Parma, Michigan (look large WMU vans), assemble & load vans
10:00am                -Departure       
10:00am-3:00pm   -Field Trip (drinks and snacks will be provided but not a full lunch)
3:00pm .                 -Review Jackson area cores at Grand River Brewery (food & beverages available                                                for purchase)
After ~4:00pm        -Return to Parma    

Field Trip Registration Form: 

MBGS is looking for a field trip director and field trip suggestions. Contact any of the MBGS executive committee members if interested or have field trip suggestions.

Thanks to Mark Wollensak and Mark Nida for all the years of hard work and great field trips.

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